Collegiate Nap Cap Premium Edition



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For small dogs: 27.50" x 19.30"
For medium dogs: 34.64" x 22"
For large dogs: 44" x 28.22"

•    Provides a cozy dome for your pet to NAP or PLAY in any room.
•    Our Patent Design allows you to fold and store with ease in our re-usable polyester bag.
•    Available in THREE sizes: Small, Medium and Large, so that you can pick the right NAP CAP for your home.
•    Velcro assembly in 3 easy steps.
•    Machine Washable Ultra Plush Bedding.

    NAP CAP by Made Brilliantly is for all sport fans and pet lovers! This classic over-sized sports cap acts as a pet bed and looks great in any room reppin’ your favorite team!!!

    *This item cannot be shipped to countries outside the United States

    Size Chart
    Nap Cap Size Chart
    Nap Cap Size Chart
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