Nap Cap Premium and Plush Cat/Dog Bed Comparison

March 09, 2021

Nap Cap Premium - 3 sizes Small, Medium & Large
  • Printed Graphics reusable poly bag. 
  • Polymer Panels for structure integrity
  • Embroidered and Felt logo application
  • Polymer button top
  • Rubber detail snap back strap
  • Rubber logo pull tab
  • Premium pricing
  • Performance cushion 
  • Machine washable bedding cover 

Nap Cap Plush Edition (One Size) Fits a maximum 30 pound Dog/Cat 

  • Heat transfer logos application
  • Plush Foam bottom top
  • Machine washable Cushioned Poly fill Bedding 
  • Affordable pricing
  • Soft foam and plush outer material


Size Chart
Nap Cap Size Chart
Nap Cap Size Chart
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Nap Cap Plush Spec